From the Dutch ALF SG:

"We the Dutch ALF Supporters Group received the following press statement:

In the night of June the 29th the ALF visited the manager of Yamanouchi in Nieuw Vennep, Holland. Slogans were painted on the walls, and the tyres of their car got punctured, etching fluid was thrown over the windows and the paint of the car was damaged.

Because of people like Pauline van Heiningen, Laan van Norma 14, who don't want to give up their connections with HLS, the hell inside HLS continues. Every day, every night, every hour and every minute these animals live in fear and are subject of extreme pain until death follows. But all this time we will be here to fight for them. We won't rest till these animals have the life they deserve. For every test, for every slap in the face of a puppy, for every drunken or unexperienced vivisector we strike back. We don't have respect or pity for people who earn their money over the backs of innocent creatures. We will take care that the ones responsible for the horror practises inside HLS, direct or indirect, won't sleep very well and will feel just as imprisoned as the animals locked up in the torture rooms of HLS.