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"6th July 2014 – Burgazada Istanbul

At Madam Martha Bay of Burgazada where most people go in order to get some peaceful, free space out of civilization; we detected a person who thinks freedom is only for him and set a death camp (fish cage) against the fish in a rocky beach. Four frightened fish that hit the cage have been put back to the sea. The bottom part of cage was destroyed so that tens of other fish who would possibly end up in that camp could find the exit themselves.

'Fish don’t feel pain' is a big lie. That they don’t scream and not possessing any neocortex were supports of that lie. However fish do feel pain when dying just as we mammal animals do. This pain is both reflexive and cognitive.

( Fish that are caught in the net or bit the bait breathe way faster, hit themselves to here and there. Their eyes get bigger and bigger. When they are taken out of water, their last flutter is equivalent of us being hold underwater: Lungs (gills) inflate by airlessness and death by choke. If you fancy a little empathy, dive and wait underwater for a minute!

Leave the crap like animal welfare, animal loving or pescetarianism aside!

Go vegan in order to be against the oppression alltogether, live freegan in order to be a monkey wrench in the capitalist system that feeds on the exploitation. Destroy all death camps and concentration camps.

There's no rescue service called ALF, don’t look for it. ALF is today, ALF is you! On a sandy beach, enjoying the sun today? Take a cutter and dive under water for your friends who are waiting for their final breathe in nets and cages a stone's throw away.

To animals all humans are nazis. Until the last Hitler surrenders!"