reported by activists in Italy:

"June 25 - Montecchio Emilia (RE) - Italy
Fronte Liberazione Animale claimed damaging fences and opening cages at a pheasant farm that imprison 5.000 animals. The communique says that it took them 2 hours to open all the fences and in the end they saw the animals flying away, followed by falling stars in the sky...

June 25 - Rome - Italy
200 stickers have been put on products derived from animal abuse or earth destroying companies in a big supermarket. the communique invites anyone to do similar simple actions to open people's eyes and damage products.

June 8 - Scandiano (RE) - Italy
A sign promoting a fur shop has been dismantled on a busy road and taken away. the activists claimed the action sending a picture of them 'jealously holding' this sign.

May 12 - Reggio Emilia - Italy
Two windows at Zoolandia pet shop are hammered and smashed. A following communique published on italian websites states that many more unreported actions took place in the last months against the Zoolandia chain, targeted by the Alf since january to force them not to sell live animals anymore. The same communiques also inform that one of the two Zoolandia shops in Reggio Emilia has finally closed forever and the one in Parma is going to sell their license soon. Six more Zoolandia shops are open in the Emilia Romagna region, and the fight against them will go on till the end."