Some actions reported to the Swedish ALF SG:

"July 7: A window on the fur shop "Palskonfektion" was destroyed using glass etching fluid. The owner is very
christian and also sells christian stuff and he should know to respect life. If god wont punish you we will - DBF

June 27 - Umea: The vivisector Lillemor Wachtmeister gets her house totally filles with sprayed slogans. - DBF

June 5 - Umea: Cirkus Maximum gets ALL their circus posters destroyed or painted. - DBF

June - Lulea: Cirkus maximum gets their posters destroyed.

June - Gothenburg: Kajs fur shops gets windows destroyed by glass etching fluid.- DBF

June 22 - Uppsala: Cat vivisector Gunnar Sedin gets his house and car sprayed with slogans. - DBF"