reported on Indymedia UK:

"At the corporately social Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, small-scale vandalism took place and various areas were subverted in support of anarchism, also known as total liberation:

A police car was tagged with the anarchist symbol, a Worthy Farm dairy truck had ‘raped from cows’ written below the milk sign and six ice cream vans also selling breast milk from rape victims received the word ‘scum’ on their vehicles.

Many toilets both inside and outside, walls, bins and signs were tagged with anarchist and ALF symbols, as well as slogans promoting; animal liberation, earth liberation, no borders, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism (anti-speciesism, anti-racism and anti-sexism), anti-cops, class war, insurrection and general social war.

Posters against Heathrow expansion were additionally improved with anarchy symbols and insults surrounding pictures of Gordon Brown in the Green Futures Fields."