received anonymously:

CRIME: France Pfizer CEO
LOCATION: 14 rue Crevaux, 75016 Paris, France
'PFIZER DROP HLS’, 'COUILLARD SCUM' and ‘FMAH’ was painted with red paint on your house and sidewalk.

How do you like the messages we left over your fancy house?

Shame neither cops near your street or your job could protect your house. You're just lucky it wasn't worse for you Pfizer scum!
We wonder if you will have spent the morning desperately scrubbing your walls, trying to hide the truth that we painted over your sidewalk and house. What will the neighbors think?

You bastards can expect the Militant Forces outside your houses any night until you drop HLS..

MFAH France

PS : Hey friends, call this scum: +33 1 45 53 11 36 or +33 1 47 04 39 24 or +33 9 63 55 97 66"