anonymous report:

"kasendorf - germany

foxes liberated, hut spray-painted

on june 27 2009 we liberated two foxes from a dachshund training
compound. these compounds are spread all across germany (and other
european countries). they encompass a fenced area with a system of
concrete or wooden tubes dug into the ground through which the
dachshund chases the fox. usually, there is an enclosure nearby
where one or more foxes are kept. this is where they spend their
miserable lives between each training session.

the purpose of these compounds is to train dachshunds and similar
small hunting dogs (jack russel, parson russel terrier etc.) for
the real thing: lair hunting. the hunters let their dogs into the
lair, waiting for them to drive the foxes out of it where they are
shot by the murderer scum.

the night of justice:
first we cut two padlocks on the fox enclosure with a boltcutter
and opened all doors. we could see one fox staring at us, his eyes
reflecting the light of our headlamps. then we spray-painted 'fox
murderers' and 'alf' on the outer wall of a hut nearby. finally we
stole 8 tube partitions and a transport box, spray-painted
'murderers' on the entrance gate for everyone to see and left.

we chose this date because there is lots of food and prey for foxes
at this time which increases the chances for them to adjust quickly
to their natural life. good luck, fellows!