reported by activists in Italy:

"The italian ALF decided to start their own campaign to force a company with 8 shops to stop the sale of live animals as pets or as food for snakes. This company is called Zoolandia and is based in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. In two separate communiques ALF units claimed various actions against Zoolandia shops as a start of the campaign, which they vowed to continue as long as Zoolandia doesn't quit the pet market.
Here is a full list of the actions claimed:

31 - Sassuolo (MO) - bricks thrown at windows.

31 - Reggio Emilia - paint bombs at the entrance of one shop, van damaged at the other shop of the city (windows smashed, tyres slashed, paint on one

31 - Parma - Stones and bricks at the windows, paint on the entrance.

4 - Carpi (MO) - 4 hamsters stolen during opening hours.

5 - Sassuolo - 4 turtles stolen during opening hours.

6 - Sassuolo - Two locks glued and paint bombs on the entrance.

6 - Carpi (MO) - Locks glued.

11 - Piacenza - Locks glued.

12 - Piacenza - 15 big pressurized bags of feed ruined during opening hours.

15 - Piacenza - A bucket full of shit mixed with red paint thrown on the
entrance, the windows and the front pavement of the shop. Local newspapers reported this last action saying the shop didn't open for the day.

20 - Piacenza and Carpi - Bomb hoax with phone call at both shops.

For those willing to express their views on the pet trade the ALF also gave some e-mails and phone numbers to use:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]"