received anonymously (photo from the Ilkley Gazette):

"Persons unknown recently visited the property of self serving Councillor Anne Hawkesworth. The two cars in the driveway were paint stripped and had their tyres slashed.

The entire council is responsible for choosing to turn Ilkley Moor into a blood bath. Doubtless many will be queueing to spectate when the shotguns come to blast these birds out of the sky. In the meantime the moor will be managed in such a way as to promote the growth of grouse, while terminating the existence of many of their predators, who have an equal right to exist in this habitat.

We have already called for Ilkley Moor to be a wildlife haven, and have been ignored. This is the use of public land to allow the 'fun and games' of a few sadists led by Ed Bromet (Bingley Moor Partnership) and is, as we have said, completely unacceptable.