Anonymously sent to IndyMedia Switzerland.

"Attack on Novartis
azetb, 22.01.2003 20:55

In the night of 21-22 January 200[3] we attacked Novartis Pharma Schwitzerland AG in Bern, member of the World Economy Forum WEF and customer of Huntingdon
Life Sciences (HLS).

In the entrance area as well as at the exterior walls slogans against the WEF and Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) have been sprayed, windows have been broken in the entrance and a container was set on fire.

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is the largest animal testing company within Europe, with its headquarters in England and the USA, which is doing tests on animals for the pharmaceutical and the chemical industry. Every day over 500 animals ( i.e. monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits and guineapigs) are tortured and brutally murdered in experiments. Over 70.000 animals are kept in cages and isolation behind barbed wire - hidden from the public eye.

smAsH HLS - wIpE out weF

Aktionszusammenschluss für Erd- und Tierbefreiung
(amalgamation for action for earth and animal liberation)"