anonymous communique:

"On Monday night we visited the Oxford offices of Oxford Architects. This is an evil company who are currently engaged in construction work for Oxford University. Their projects for the University include:

Plant Science and Glycobiology, University of Oxford
5 Storey high serviced new building in the heart of the 'science area' consisting principally of biological research laboratories

University of Oxford, Department of Psychiatry
Neurosciences research building

University of Oxford, Department of Psychiatry
Wellcome Foundation research building

A heavily alarmed main office didn't deter us from spray-painting large messages on the garage doors and walls, as well as puncturing all the tyres
on a Mercedes car, covering the bodywork in paint, glueing the locks and painting slogans over the windows.

This is just the beginning of our campaign of devastation against ANYONE linked in ANY way to Oxford University. Every individual and business that works for the University as a whole is now a major target of the ALF. The University have made a crass decision to take us on and we will never let them win!

With a construction crane now in place, they are closer every day to building the new lab for the sick, knife wielding perverts to spend their time torturing innocent animals.

This ALF team is calling out to the movement to unite and fight against the University on a maximum impact scale, we must stand up, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and blow these fucking monsters off the face of the planet. Information, tools and resources are out there for everyone to take part in smashing the University of Oxford, all you need do is find them! All that stands between the animals and victory is our fear, GET OVER IT! Fear is their most valued weapon and the animals cannot afford for us to work within their boundaries. We must target their construction companies and the University's current and future building projects. We must target professors, teachers, heads, students, investors, partners, supporters and ANYONE that dares to deal in any part of the University in any way. There is no time for debate and there is no time for protest, this is make or break time and from now on, ANYTHING GOES. We cannot fail these animals that will end up in those death chambers.

Be warned Oxford University, this is only the beginning of our campaign. Everyone linked to your institution is right now being tracked down and sooner or later, they will be made to face the consequences of your evil schemes.

Forever for the animals,

Animal Liberation Front"