reported by activists in Russia:

"2 peacocks, 2 pheasants, 5 chickens and 4 pigeons were taken by Animal
Liberation Front from the private zoo in the center of Moscow. On the
night of 18 January activists cut out the grating and invaded the open-air

All the birds, including peacocks, were held in unsanitary conditions,
suffering from hunger and freeze. Despite the continuous complaints of the
neighboring houses tenants to the prefecture and other governing bodies,
local authorities were inactive and refused to solve the problem.

At the moment animals are kept in a safe and comfortable place, get proper
treatment and love of new caretakers.

'By this action ALF declares its resurrection in Russia. In the atmosphere
of lawlessness, corruption, overwhelming indifference and
anthropocentrism, direct action becomes perhaps the only one viable form
of struggle against animal oppression. We will be liberating animals and
causing economical damage to their exploiters by all means available.
Until the last cage is empty'.

Animal Liberation Front didn’t hold any activity in Russia since 2007.

Russian TV about the private zoo: (watch
starting from 4.20)"