received anonymously:

"Saturday the 13th January was unlucky for some. The ALF were out in the dead of night visiting the homes of those who profit from animal abuse at HLS.

Astellas PA Margaret McQuillan, 22 Triggs Close, Woking, Surrey GU22
0EJ Tel: 01483 760 058
had all the garages near her spray painted with "number 22 is animal killer", alf slogans and her front door had a pot of red paint thrown all over it.

Novartis director Kevin White, 3 Pipson Close, Yateley, Hants GU46 6JL
had 2 big brick walls sprayed with "number 3 is animal killer" and an alf slogan.

Novartis employee Christopher Golunski, Carthena Drive, Fleet, Hants GU52 7SF Tel: 01252 624 601
had the tyres of the 2 cars on his drive slashed and paint stripper poured all over them.

Secretary of Novartis UK Pension Trustees Ltd Richard Farrar of 23 The Brambles, Crowthorne, Berks RG45 6EF
had all the tyres of his people carrier slashed and the vehicle covered with paint stripper.

Novartis you are a priority target for the Animal Liberation Front worldwide. Stop dealing with HLS or we will force you to stop by any and all means necessary. Get ready. The ALF is coming after you.