anonymous communique:

"Aberystwyth University and the Institute of Grasslands and Environmental Research (IGER) carry out cruel and pointless tests on animals.

Welsh activists have therefore been busy with the follwing actions to try and persuade them they should end their involvement with animal testing altogether.

Japanese knotweed is a very destructive weed that spreads very easily. Large quantities of this was spread over different parts of the university grounds.

*Over a thousand letters saying "end your involvement in vivisection" were sent to Aberystwyth University Freepost address

*Butric acid was spread in toilets, changing rooms and library
The smell is very hard to remove and boy does it smell

*Over 50 texts were made to university staff home phone numbers just before a major open day.
When a text reaches the home phone it converts to a simulated voice message. It warned of chaos on the open day followed by other actions.

*Important people within these institutions had messages sprayed in red on their drives and gates.

Also IGER signs were sprayed with red slogans.

More important people had their personal car details used to apply for lots of car insurance quotes including their home and work phone numbers and work e-mails.

Lots more to come until they issue a statement saying they will stop testing on animals."