reported by activists in Italy:

"January 3 - Milano
Salvatore Giugni, one of the managers at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Italy, has his house spraypainted with graffiti connecting him and his company to the murder of animals inside HLS. Actelion is one of the main customers of this lab, the communique says, and activists decided to target all those responsible for the suffering inside this lab until they make a clear decision.

December 24 - Bergamo
Anonymous activists decide to visit Fabio Gironi, one of the managers at Sartorius Italy, on Christmas night. While he was having a dinner with all his relatives and friends, activists say in their communique, they spraypainted his house and all the street with graffiti against vivisection and Sartorius being linked to animal killers at HLS.

December 23 - Milano
One shop of La Rinascente department store has all locks glued, paint thrown on all their main windows and graffiti against the sale of fur on many sides of the building. La Rinascente is under a heavy and growing campaign against their continued sale of fur and fur trims."