anonymous communique:

"The night of December 14, our group trespassed on a mink farm outside Siatista, and liberated more than 1.000 mink.

We claim this action, for all the animals hit by cars, hunger and thirst, left to cannibalise each other, for the damages they may have caused to the local ecosystem. But first, the gang of fur-farmers should claim their own responsibility for the genocide they act out every day, for the brutal annihilation of hundreds of thousands of souls every year, for the innocent creatures they flay alive for being unlucky enough to be born with a beautiful fur, for the miserable conditions of captivity they force them into. Until then, we claim only the opportunity and the joy we share with these creatures to live free, some for a long time, others for short.

In the video we have published on the internet, the lack of fundamental sanitation rules is obvious. The animals feces hasn't been cleaned for ages. This isn't just the imprisoned animals problem being forced to live in a constantly polluted environment, it also raises a matter of public health. We call and challenge the state and those responsible to prove their existance and act upon the legislature, imposing the appropriate penalties.

Though we are aware that all this happens inside the hell-hole farms lawfully. Or at least we want to believe the lawful things and only happen. We call and challenge the 'farmers' to open to the public what's going on lawfully, inside their 'farms'. Just allow a journalist to go inside with a camera and have an ordinary report coming out. Show to the people you lawfully murder innocent creatures with anal electro-shock machines. Show to the people you murder innocent creatures in gas chambers. Share with us your exclusiveness in cries of agony. Do that and we will surrender to the authorities and claim our responsibilities according to the laws. What do you have to hide?

And to put an end to this fairy tail of fur keeping local communities alive as the farmers claim... 200 years ago local communities and whole states based their economy on human slavery. Apparently they had the same points with the fur farmers. But the world evolved and those that wouldn't mind that, were forced to mind it. The world keeps evolving and the fur trade finally meets with global odium. Those not minding that, will have to be forced to mind it. If you want money for your communities, bother yourselves with their environmental development. Right now, your fortunes are made of the blood of innocent souls. 10 years ago you were crying to the mass media --media of mass domestication-- claiming fur is going downwards, and you don't earn enough, you are forced to migrate and other bullshit. Now that you turned yourselves to ass kissers of the Russian riches your problems seem to be over. Beware, your problems have just started. Think upon your selections, because we'll be always in your way. When 10.000.000 children die of hunger every year, fur's niche marketing can't even touch our logic.

With the above reasons and on the occasion of our liberation action, we call everyone to found together a panhellenic (national) federation to fully ban the fur enterprises in our country. Contribute to this league by any means possible. Create cells in your area or act alone. Act legally or illegally. Organize peaceful demonstrations, spray paint slogans, destroy furs, break fur shop glass windows, invade fur farms and liberate animals. The only requirement we ask for, is the principle of non violence against human or other animals.

PS1: To whom fur farmer it may concern, to claim the EU's money pack for fur farms: Better plan on a generous insurance to cover your enterprise and don't you mind the money: you'll need it.

PS2: To mr. Bouzalis, mr Papadopoulos and the rest of Kastoria and Kozani parliament members, as well as officials of the ministries of Development and Foreign Affairs. Your concern on fur is totally opposite to ours. We hope we won't hear again the word 'fur' from your mouths inside the parliament, and that we won't see any of you in any fur-farmers event. We will be very disappointed.

Have a happy new year with lots of empty cages.

Corvus revengis"