Forwarded to sympathetic aboveground groups in Italy:

December 19, Modena (Italy)
The ALF liberates 5 beagles
On december the 19th The ALF entered the house of a doghouse volunteer in Modena to liberate 5 beagle puppies that risked being sent to a lab animal farm. These 5 beagle puppies have been found on november 30 near a doghouse in Modena. Someone called the police, thinking these young beagle s could be part of the 99 beagles liberated on November 21 from Morini farm, a notorious lab breeder in Italy. These 5 dogs had no tattoo, so the judge ordered a DNA analysis to know if they were coming from Morini farm. The dogs were waiting this analysis, that could bring them to the Morini hellhole, and kept at the house of a doghouse volunteer. On the night of the 19th someone entered the house through a window, took away the dogs and spraypainted "Sorry, ALF".

We also received recently an anonymous communique for the following action:
December 19, Galeata , Forlì (Italy)
The ALF liberates minks again
At 6.00 pm of December 19th the ALF entered a mink farm in Galeata , Forlì, to open the cages and free the animals. 100 metres of fence have been opened, and after that the activists have begun opening the cages. It seems many sheds were empty, and the killing had already begun, made clear by pyres of corpses seen burning. Four sheds full of minks have been completely emptied by the activists before the farmer unexpectedly arrived on place (he had never been seen there at that time). The activists had a lookout and could leave the place with no problems. They could not finish the action , but they stated a lot of breeding mothers have been freed, creating surely problems and losses to the farmer. In their communiqué they said a graffity made during a previous action was still visible on place! In fact, in october 2001 the ALF liberated 10.000 minks in that same farm.

We also received the following anonymous communique in these days:
"During the last week of november and the first of December various Shell garages have been sabbed all around the city of Torino. On December 17 2002 at 10.30 pm the entrance and the bell of Sumitomo in via Cavour 1, Torino, have been glued and painted. A leaflet explaining the reason of the action has been left on place so they all know who their neighbors are!!!

21/12/2002 Sumitomo in Via Cavour 1, Torino, has been visited again, with glue and paint."