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anonymous communique:

"0100hrs, 03/11/2006, Fovant Down, Wiltshire.
Target: Lloyd's Animal Feeds Ltd - Livestock Division.

Lookout in place, tools at the ready, we began. Large bolt-cutters were used to chop through the tight security: one small padlock holding the door closed.

We shone our torches into the darkness and couldnt believe our eyes. Rows upon rows of battery cages, crammed full with thousands of Broiler chicks. They were being kept illegally in the tiny cages and grown to become "food" for the gluttonous, blood-thirsty meat industry.

Within minutes we were done. We left hundreds of thousands of innocent lives behind that night, designating them to a life of hell and a death that is beyond words. But with us we took 22 friends who are now living the life they were meant to live: free from exploitation and suffering in a system equated to concentration camps.

For all those left behind, we urge you to act. Animals need YOU, and they need you NOW. They wait inside locked buildings across the world.. it is up to YOU whether you reach for your bolt-cutters and break them out. Nothing stands in your way, except yourself.

Dedicated to current prisoners Don Curray and Joseph Harris, and deceased animal liberationist Barry Horne, who passed away five years ago on November 5th. The fight goes on in your spirit.

Until the last factory farm is brought to the ground, until the final slaughterhouse is made illegal, until every lab shuts its doors, until all animals are free from the shackles selfish bastards place upon them... A.L.F."