reported anonymously (click here for more photos):

"269Life Israel
Happy new (free 269) year for the 412 chickens (!) that were liberated by us.
Not only will those poor girls live in freedom and in safety, but more
importantly the death factory that held them, has gone under and was closed
for ever! which means no more death and carnage will be placed upon any
more Innocent and defenseless birds and no longer will the screams of
hundreds of terrified and distressed beings fill the air, in that wretched
blood and shit soaked dungeon of despair and death. No more birds will ever
endure the feeling of torment of being encased in a body sized cage and
then be brutally butchered by the state mandated electrocution machine.
Once their egg production numbers fall and their bodies collapse, from all
the agony and stress they were made to endure in this egg laying plant of
Hope the girls recover quickly, from their deep mental and physical
injuries and that we see many more liberated animals this coming year.
Free 269 - Go vegan"