anonymous communique received by activists in New Zealand (see photos below):

"As many were celebrating the start of a new year, Animal Rights Activists were busy in South Auckland.

We gained entry to a Tegel Factory Broiler Farm that had recently been re-populated with thousands of chicks, only a few days old. Hundreds of these nnocent creatures had already died due to the horrendous conditions, their bodies left lying all over the shed floor.

Like the hundreds of thousands of birds before them these chicks will be forced to endure a life deprived of anything natural, they will never experience sunshine, grass beneath their feet or any other of lifes pleasures. Many of these birds will suffer crippling leg deformities and heart attacks even before they were due to be trucked to Tegel's slaughter houses, where they would be shackled by the legs and have their throats cut.

Lots of video footage and photos were taken documenting the awful conditions.

We liberated five chickens, we also removed ten dead birds and delivered them to one of the people directly responsible for their suffering and deaths, Tegel Director, Mr Ronald Duje Vela who lives at 6 Bocage Lane, West Harbour, Auckland, Home Ph 0-9-416 9949
Along with the chicks we also left him some hay as Tegel seem totally unaware of the basic needs of chickens.

Tegel Foods Limited is a company that has no interest in animal welfare at all. This has been proved time and time again from footage gained in the past from their premises and more recently by our footage and photos."