recent actions in Sweden:


16 - Umeå; Fishing store 'Blixtsport' got their windows smashed. - DBF

21 - Stockholm; Fur shop Göran Larsson was attacked with spray paint. Two activists were arrested the same night; after a few weeks in police custody, they were convicted and fined.

26 - Umeå; Windows smashed at restaurant that sells meat (Garaget).

?? - Umeå; 20 hunting towers toppled and destroyed outside Umeå. - DBF


2 - Göteborg; A central park in Göteborg (Eng: Gothenburg) keeps penguins, seals and other animals behind bars. On the night of november 2nd slogans were sprayed in the park. The same night Kajs (fur shop) was hit with red spray paint and the lock to the shop was destroyed. - DBF Göteborg

3 - Umeå; All locks on the restaurant Garaget were glued. - DBF

15 - Örebro; Mats Nylén, the owner of Örebros last fur shop had a home visit from DBF. 'Murderer' and 'DBF' was sprayed on the walls. - DBF

15 - Örebro; The walls of porn store Tutti Frutti Video who sell animal porn was painted bloody red. - DBF


12 - Örebro; The car belonging to the owner of the fur shop Skinnmäster Mats Nylén was sabotaged.

13 - Örebro; 'Smash animal porn' was sprayed on the walls of Tutti Frutti Video who distributes animal porn."