anonymous communique:

"Trevor Wellburn and David Spencer are two truly sick monsters.

They are both ex drivers from Shamrock Monkey Farm. That place is closed now thanks to direct action. However these sicko's are really thick and just don't know when to give it up. They loved their jobs so much that they are still driving primates to torture in vivisection labs across the U.K. including Huntingdon Life Sciences. These people are SICK, and pleasure themselves over the torture they inflict on others.

They cannot get away with this so, first off we visited Trevor at 146 Hillside, Moulsecomb, Brighton, BN2 4TE. We painted the walls outside his house with animal abuser, animal killer, and ALF. Now everyone in his street will know his dirty little secret.

Second stop was to see David the inbreed, he lives at 55 Church Lane, Upper Breeding, West Sussex, BN5 9NY - If you are passing by, why not pay him a visit, I am sure he will be happy to see you. What lovely cars he used to have - uh-oh looks like we gave them a surprise makeover - hope he likes it! We are happy to pop back anytime to do them again if he isn't keen on their new style! Before we left went we made sure we left some messages on his walls, so his neighbours would know exactly why we pimped his ride.