anonymous communique:

"In the early morning hours on February 13th (international day against the biggest fur export - China), the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, was vandalized. Red paint bombs thrown, anti-fur graffiti sprayed and embassy car windows smashed. "In the Chinese fur industry, animals are brutally and carelessly shocked and stunned and skinned while still conscious. An investigation by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have revealed horrific slaughter methods: a dog tied up tightly by its neck with wire to a gate before being stabbed in the groin and left to bleed to death; cats killed by being hung by the neck from a piece of rope that tightened as the cats struggled causing them to eventually suffocate; cats being hung from a wire while water was poured down their throats until they eventually drowned. Cats may still be alive when they are skinned as preserving a skin in one piece optimises its value." We request nothing of the Chinese embassy or the Chinese government, but only DEMAND to stop this torture industry and until then, we will continue to act in any way we see fit against them."