anonymous report:

"2 cell phone towers torched south of Moscow (Rostov-na-Donu direction). The cottage settlement we chose to disable is a popular site among hunters. And not only that. Local residents decided to add to the abuse of wild life and started two commercial fishing resorts. They grow up fish for it to be hunted by tourists.

So in a festive winter spirit (New Year/Xmas and St. Vallentine's Day) we decided to send them a message of love and harmony: 1 tower was left completely burned out, another one - severely damaged.
We used incendiaries with 1.5 liters of gasoline/kerosine each.

Words of solidarity and support to Marco Camenish, members of Indonesian FAI (both in prison and on the run), and Silvia Costa and Billy

Our respect and wholehearted support of actions carried out by ITS (Individuals tending towards the Wild), as well as other animal/ earth liberation collectives

Long live ALF/ ELF! Long live FAI!

With love, ALF/ELF-Moscow region, FAI."