received anonymously:

"In the early hours of Sunday 12 February, 5 animal abusing companies have been targetted in Kent, England. GlaxoSmithKline in Dartford have 8 separate slogans spraypainted on their perimeter fence, such as "Murdering Scum, A.L.F. and Glaxo Kills"

Then in Gravesend the door locks were glued at Vodafone, Oxford Uni funder, and Thomas Cook, who fly monkeys in from Mauritius for testing. Slogans sprayed on British Heart Foundation such as "BHF Tortures Animals" and "Scum". McDonalds then had its back door lock glued and slogans sprayed and written on it, finishing with smashing 6 McWindows.

Fuck the animal abusers! May they suffer while they're making animals suffer for money. This is not the end!

Harvey & Wanda"