The following was received anonymously by the Swedish SG:

"January - Gothenburg: Joy shop (fur) has locks glued 2 times, Olssons fur shop has locks glued 3 times, and 2 other fur shops has locks glued.

January 23 - Malmo: slogans sprayed over Mattsons fur shop. - ALF

January 24 - Gothenburg: Sign smashed at clothes shop selling fur. -ALF

January 27 - Malmo: Windows smashed at Mattssons fur shop. -ALF

January 28 - Uppsala: window smashed at chinchilla fur farmer Henry Yrnevik.

January 31 - Malmo: slogans sprayed and paint poured over Nordiska fur shop

February 1 - Halmstad: a big u-lock is locked over the entrance to Skin and Fur Center shop. -ALF

February 6 - Karlskrona: a hunting shop has slogans sprayed and windows painted. - ALF

February 6 - Halmstad: Skin and Fur Center shop has some liqcuid poured at the shop- ALF

February 7 - Halmstad: Skin and fur Center shop attacked again. Murderers are sprayed. Also the licquid from a fire-extinguisher is sprayed into the shop and fire alarm starts.- ALF"