anonymous report:

"A further communique from the busy activists of the South Yorkshire branch of The Animal Liberation Front, who acknowledge the assistance given by their friends from Derbyshire from the Earth Liberation Front (SUV Repainters!):

Further to our report of January 31 ("ALF redecorate Meat Co. Vans") it is interesting to note S&M chicken slaughterers of Sheffield now allow their drivers to take their vans home - so all their neighbours know they have the blood of innocent birds on their hands...

This week's actions include some prominent spray painting in the vicinity of a number of butchers shops, plus damage to an SUV belonging to a butcher's shop owner.

We also hope that the bosses at McDonald's in Sheffield (Fargate branch) enjoyed being raided by the Environmental Health department. Shame the EH investigators didn't find any of the rodent deposits our activists had left...they must have been discovered and removed by McDonald's own (two-legged) management rats :(

'Til all are free.

Alf Tupper"