Reiceved anonymously by the ALFSG in the Netherlands:

"on saturday the 15th of february the DBF tried to liberate
animals from laboratory-animalbreeder Harlan in the town of
Horst. It was all abit of a gamble because there was alot of
security; eacht night they checked on different times and there
was alarms on the doors and windows. This didn't stop us to try
and go for it.

When we went into action we jumped the outside fence en used a ladder to climb onto the roof. Hier we removed some of the roof-
material and further removed isolation-materials. Here we entered
a space where the heathingpipes where running through, but no
animals where there.

The floor of this space was made out of wood and gyps/plaster/cast and it wasn't hard to go through. Through this
materials we entered the downfloors. there were several large
rooms with constructions on both sides of the ceiling. boxes full
of eyes that were looking at us and were waiting for their
escape. Some of them were alone in a boxes, probably because they were pregnant mothers. In other boxes there were up to 10
animals, some of them were little ones, with no hair on them at
all. We were ready to take the animals out of there and give them
a worthy life, when a security-car approached.

Probably there was a alarm that had been set off, because the
roof also was secured. We had to leave right away and realised
that we had to abandon the animals. "sorry creatures, they wont
allow it". It wasn't easy but with our freedom we can liberate
other animals from a life of suffering and a horrible death.
safely outside the gates we realised that the plan was too high.
Some places are too tightly secured, like Harlan. But this
doesn't mean that we will stop trying to liberate animals that
our society treats in a outragious way. The last thing cannot be
tolerated and that will lead to our neverending drive to try and
liberate animals. The numbers don't matter, if you safe one life,
you save the world!

To all who want to mean something to the animals: find a target,
make a plan and go for it. Some places are easier than others.
thing of what is more important: saving lives or maybe lose abit
of your own freedom?

The law protects animalkillers, therefore you don't have to
respect it. Get active.