anonymous report:

"Rich people driving SUVs are being given a reminder that as they look down on the world from behind the steering wheel of their gas-guzzling monster, the A.L.F. is watching them...

Residents in some of the more affluent (urban) areas of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire (in the UK) are waking up to find their SUV redecorated overnight, and because they're probably so dim they can't work out by who, or why, they're given a helping hand with the messages "A.L.F." and "Planet killer" daubed on them in blood red paint.

Motor traders selling such obscene vehicles have also come under the spotlight with similar damage. And shoppers at malls, major supermarkets and other icons of corporate greed have returned to their vehicles to find posters saying "A.L.F.", "Free Jeff Luers" and "No SUVs" left on them (plus the odd bit of expensive damage).

Out latest poster will soon be hot off the shows an SUV in flames with the message: "Burn an SUV today to save the planet". And very nice it looks too....

Till all are free,
Alf Tupper (South Yorkshire branch of The A.L.F.)"