Circulated anonymously through Europe:

"January 19: Abetone, Pistoia: During the night a fire devastates the chairlift of a notorious skiing resort. Almost 90 cabins burned. Damages estimated around 7 million euros ($7,580,125 USD)! On site a slogan was spraypainted: "fire to destructors - free marco!".

A communique sent to news agencies claims the action in defence of the mountains and in solidarity with eco-defence prisoner Marco Camenisch, now on hunger strike in his jail cell in Switzerland. Marco camenisch has been jailed for blast attacks
against the nuclear industry in Switzerland, then escaped and has been caught in Italy after several years and accused of more actions against electricity lines. Now he is back in Swiss jails to finish his years of imprisonment and waiting a trial for the murder of a border guard (for which they have no clue and he is innocent).

On the same night two more actions, a bomb at a TV
Antenna and the torching of a mobile phone mast, have been claimed in solidarity with Marco."