anonymous communique:

"Barclays have had enough warnings about their blood money trading, now the time has come to pay.

We tracked down the top executives of Barclays Plc, who think hiding in expensive London houses will keep them safe... THINK AGAIN! First stop was Prof Andrew Likierman (wife: Meira Likierman), of 5 Downshire Hill, London. His two cars were paintstripped and the front entrance of his house was covered with spraypaint. That was a very white house you had Andrew, we hope you like the new decorations. You are a filthy murderer Andrew for having shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences and the NYSE. DROP HLS OR WE WILL BE BACK DAY OR NIGHT...

Second stop was Marcus Agius chairman of Barclays Plc, 25 Chelsea Square, London. We left a special message on your back garage door for you and your wife Katherine. For a top businessman you don't seem to be that good at making intelligent decisions Marcus. So we've made it a bit easier for you.. If Barclays Global Investors don't sell their shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences (Life Sciences Research Inc.) people close to you are going to SUFFER
Marcus... does it make investing in a profitless and failing company worth it? You know what to do to make this stop.

To give you a little preview of what may happen to people close to you we paid a visit to your daughter Marie-Louise Agius living at Flat 3, 14 Collingham Place, London.


This is just the start of what is to come Barclays, sell your shares or expect more. And don't even think about giving HLS a loan or WE WILL GIVE YOU HELL...................

Animal Rights Militia

A. Likierman (020)7435 9888
M. Agius (020)7351 0247"