From the Sweedish ALF press office

received anonymously:


On the night to december 3, the Swedish ALF attacked a small rabbit farm in Bruzaholm, Sweden.

A total of 18 rabbits were rescued and all of them have now been placed in new homes. All the rabbits had overgrown claws, infections and others diseases but with the help of symphatic vets they will all survive. In their new homes they will be given a chance to dig, jump, run, eat fresh food and do all the things a rabbit has a right to do.

Unfortunately we could only liberate and rehome 18 of the rabbits, but to make up to those left behind we also decided to do a bit of paintwork to his car, the rabbit shed and his house with him asleep inside it. Slogans such as "Animal abuser", "murderer" and "Close the farm" was painted.

As long as they are captive we will defend them. Every secund means resistance.

- Djurens Befrielse Front
(Swedish ALF) "