Received anonymously by activists in the USA:


Early Friday morning activists decended upon the residence of Sumitomo's regional manager Marc Peckman. We knew that Santa would be skipping this animal-killer's house, so we decided to give him our own christmas present so he could feel special. His ugly SUV and crappy company car (with the a propriate license plates SCOA1) had paint stripper poured all over them, all locks glued, and festive red lines drawn all over them with spray paint. His garage doors and the side of his house were also spray painted a holiday red, with such slogans as "I love HLS" and "Drop HLS". As a final touch, his trashcan had "Killer" written on it so that Marc won't forget what a trashy company he works for. Hey Marc, you forgot to leave us soy milk and vegan cookies! That's okay, we're coming back again anyway.

Next stop was the regional Sumitomo office, where lock gluing was attempted but apparetly those losers had been too lazy to unglue the locks from the last time activists were there. There was a note on the doorstep which read, "Sumitomo Corporation of America closed for deliveries until further notice." Guess they didn't want any christmas presents either! Well, they got them anyway. Spray paint was applied all over the building and windows with messages like, "Scum", "Drop HLS", and "Puppy Killers".

Merry Christmas Sumitomo! "