Received anonymously by both the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front press offices:

Begin communique

At 2:00 AM on November 26, 2002, anonymous cells of the A.L.F. and the E.L.F. visited the Mindek Brothers Fur Farm (4200 Shannon Road) in Harborcreek, Pennsylvania. Before disappearing into the night, a large fire was set which completely destroyed the farms feed barn and it's contents, causing extensive financial loss.

The A.L.F. is also claiming responsibility for releasing 200 breeding
mink in May and 50+ in September from the same farm.

Working together, cells from A.L.F. & E.L.F. demolished this feed
facility due to it's role in the systematic torture and killing of thousands of innocent creatures yearly - animals which possess the same complex emotional/physiological traits as loved household pets, yet are denied all reasonable consideration and confined to a miserable "existence" in tiny wire cages hardly large enough to turn around in.

Imprisoned in fur factories, these solitary creatures are forced to
endure intensive confinement for the entirety of their lives, next to,
or not uncommonly, packed into the same excrement and disease laden cages as their doomed relatives. In their natural state, these animals maintain a vast territory encompassing several miles. However, on fur farms such as this one, most of these semi-aquatic animals "enjoy" less than 24 inches of space, living on chicken wire, exposed to incredible levels of disease, cannibalism, and weather extremes. With what is essentially still a wild animal, these squalid conditions produce a perpetual state of chronic distress, unimaginable to human beings. This stress leads to severe psychosomatic illness, causing disturbing behaviors like self-mutilation, cannibalism, and incessant pacing and scratching in attempts to escape from their prison.

After experiencing the blistering heat, filth, intensive confinement,
and other amenities of the mink shed for half of a year, they are either gassed, electrocuted, or have their necks snapped. If they are genetically superior, they often stay on the ranch indefinitely in such conditions, only to be killed in the same manner when they lose their usefulness.

These cells have witnessed all of these things and more just as
disturbing, first hand at this farm, and feel that they must pose this
question to the public.

Would this deplorable situation be allowed to continue if the animals happened to be cats, or puppies perhaps, rather than their canine relative the North American Mink? Clearly, it would not. Brutality is brutality - these animals are no less deserving of basic "rights" than the animals we call our friends, and the law protects as such. Thus it is, in the face of this glaring hypocrisy, with their very real suffering in mind, that we take the justice and mercy that the law fails to provide into our own hands, and provide it for those who cannot act in their own defense.

The economic value of a dead body or a frivolous luxury item can not be compared to the inherent value of a life - thus unnecessary killing is absolutely unjust. This has been recognized by much of the rest of the world, and in multiple cases, fur farming has been completely banned by other "first-world" governments. It is time for the worlds most accomplished and proven terrorist, the United States, to respond and follow suit. If it does not, this inexorable struggle on behalf of innocent life will continue.


The E.L.F. took part in this action on behalf of the Earth, due to the
targets extreme pollution of surrounding streams and groundwater with excrement and offal runoff. The fur trade's co-dependant relationship with the ecological nightmare of factory farming and other such nefarious forms of animal agriculture alone, completely necessitate our action in defense of life on Earth. If the owners of the destroyed facility wish to be left alone, they should permanently close their operation, providing clear proof that they have done so. If this is done immediately, and this communique is released to the public UNALTERED, individual members from each of the cells responsible for this action will turn themselves in. If this is not done, the rest of the mink ranch WILL be demolished. Other components of the mink ranch operation may also be targeted.

In defense of life,
A.L.F. / E.L.F.

In June of 2002, another anonymous cell visited the Lawrence Dana Fox Ranch in Erie, PA (9129 Station Road). Breeding information was removed and the entire breeding stock was released. None of the foxes were recovered.
Additionally, the A.L.F. is claiming responsibility for releasing dozens of breeding stock mink and destroying breeding information at the Main Mink Ranch (RR 2/Route 60) in Gerry, NY. in September.
On behalf of another anonymous cell of the Earth Liberation Front, we are also claiming responsibility for the destruction of two GMO corn test/demonstration crops in northwestern Pennsylvania. Both crops (BT and Roundup-Ready) were destroyed beyond usefulness, and kept from producing seed for future planting. The proliferation of Genetically Modified Organisms, and the increased deployment of toxic pesticides in our bioregion presents an unrivaled threat to the biological integrity and diversity of our ecosystem, and has begun to be met with appropriate resistance. ANY GMO/GE crops planted in this area from this day forth may be targeted by eco-activists.