received anonymously:

"We are a small group of vegetarians, we love and respect life, nature, animals and admire everything thats being done by ALF all over the world in the name of animal's freedom.

We spotted a pet shop in our home town where they treat animals badly, keep them in small cages, trying to sell them for lots of money. The conditions are terrible, these poor animals have to stay in those small cages 24/7 and practically grow up between bars. So we thought it would be a good idea to spray paint the shop, it was our first action of such kind, it is not much but we think its a good start. We took some pictures but unfortunately we only caught the birds, the animals were in the back. We would be proud to see Romania among all the other countries who are fighting for animal rights.

P.s. The translation is 'Infested with distemper. Do not buy!' and, of course, ALF"