reported anonymously:

"Today, on Christmas Eve, a fur-selling Brooklyn boutique was visited by the ALF at their peak shopping hours. One activist distributed liberal amounts of Liquid Ass, a product that, when sprayed, is the noxious and overpowering stench of rotting shit.

Fur stinks and your entire store, the carpets, the clothing, and especially the fur and fur trimmed items, were sprayed with the Liquid Ass and all smelled like the inside of an asshole in minutes.

Victory was already beginning as leaving the disgusting fur-filled store, a pair of potential customers walked in, visibly gagged on the rotting, putrid stench and promptly left. It's sure that they're not the only customers who went elsewhere to do their last minute shopping.

A message to anyone who sells fur in Brooklyn: This was only a calling card. STOP SELLING FUR!

Next time you might find your locks glued, your windows broken, or worse...

Happy Holidays,