received anonymously:

"The Welsh Assembly's decision to go ahead with a badger cull in Wales despite evidence suggesting it will have no effect on TB in the cattle population will prove a very costly mistake. The secrecy of the voting and dismissal of their own evidence mirrors the governance of Westminster and they will be made to pay. Already in December two assembly members Jenny Randerson, liberal democrat of Cardiff and a leading Plaid Cymru AM from Dinas Powys have had paint stripper thrown over their cars. Some months ago Jenny Randerson also had her tyres slashed amongst other actions. Future actions were then postponed as it seemed the Welsh assembly would do the sensible thing and halt the cull during a time when the Welsh public can barely afford this costly waste of money. Similar actions like these will continue but attention will be mainly focused around the upcoming general action. Disruption of campaigns accross Wales we know can put pressure on the respective Welsh Assembly members. Action will be co-ordinated in a similar way to tactical voting for full effect.. Any weaknesses will be ruthlessly exploited until the cull is shelved for good."