Update (December 23): A representative from Direct Fruit Supplies has stated, "we won't be selling foie gras or products containing it anymore."

received anonymously:

"A flying visit to Direct Fruit Supplies (DFS) in Leeds led to gate locks and shutters being superglued shut. Spray painted messages were left for all to see.

DFS is a supplier of foie gras to the catering industry, and thanks to their website we have a list of their customers (some who sell this cruel product) and they will be contacted and given details of actions conducted by the Animal Liberation Front that have occurred in defence of ducks and geese that suffer this appalling fate, that is just in case the violent images of ducks being brutalised is not enough for them to think deeply about the companies they support.

Direct Fruit Supplies
Unit 1, Taverners Walk, Sheepscar Grove
Leeds, LS7 1AH
Telephone: 0113 267 0089 | Fax: 0113 230 0605
E Mail: [email protected]