Received anonymously throughout Europe:


In the night of 19 December 2002 the Dierenbevrijdingsfront (Animal Liberation Front) visited for the second time the Oranje-eggfarm in Emst. This time we took 33 hens.

85 percent of the eggs in the Netherlands are coming from batteryfarms. 50 million hens are exploited and abused until their production becomes less, then they will receive a single ticket to the slaughterhouse.

The so-called enrichment of the cages which will start in 2003, is just an emptyless compromise of the government to the cruel chickenfarmer. The practics on a batteryfarm can never be justified.

We took on purpose one single chicken out of every cage so at least the chickens who will stay behind have a bit more space. Out of 100.000 chickens thirtythree seems just a small amount, but you have to arrange good houses for these animals where they will receive the treatment they deserve. They will walk free on the land, with other chickens, through their own pecking order.

People shouldnt stop because of the big numbers. Even if you save one chicken or another animal, its already the beginning of a better future for a living creature. Were just human and no superhumans. But we have to continue to go out at night to save exploited and abused creatures out of the destructive industry.

There is nothing to be afraid off. A prison sentence is nothing compared to what the animals are going through. You will survive but the animals will not. If you save them you can atleast look them straight into their eyes and saying that youre doing you best. No judicial institution is capable to break the DBF, the heart is stronger than any law.

The human who's walking through a battteryfarm once a week to look if their any dead chickens, because everything is automatically arranged, is a human without conscience, a human where we are deeply ashamed of towards the animals. We also belong to the human race. Thats exactly the reason why we have to do our duty. Our fellow humans are busy with the total destruction of the earth and her inhabitants. The desire to money rules the world.

As long as we live and animals suffer we will be there to save them,

Het Dierenbevrijdingsfront (Dutch Animal Liberation Front) "