Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"In the early hours of Sunday 14th of December the ALF entered Water Farm Goat Centre near Bridgewater, Somerset.

Water Farm Goat Centre breed goats and supply them to laboratories. Earlier on in the year it was reported that 43 goats were liberated from this establishment. Judging by the filthy conditions inside the farm the time for a return visit was well overdue.

This time twenty one beautiful goats, many of them pregnant, were carefully removed from the hell hole and ferried away to awaiting vehicles. These animals will now be able to live out their lives in caring homes free from the fear and pain of the vivisectors scalpel.

The British countryside is littered with establishments like Water Farm Goat Centre and the suffering animals imprisoned inside them are there for the taking. All it takes is careful planning, determination and the will to save lives NOW."