reported by activists in Italy:

"November 29 - Parma (Italy)
Local Zoolandia shop gets 2 litres of paint on the entrance and 2 signs
smashed. This shop has been 'on sale' for the last 6 months, but is still

November - Milano (Italy)
Pharmacology University is redecorated with paint bombs, while stones
smashed windows at the entrance. This building, where a lot of animals are
vivisected every day, was raided on april 2006 and has been subject to
numerous direct actions.

November - casalecchio Di Reno (Italy)
Tommasini fur shop is paint-bombed for the second time in a few weeks.

November 29 - Italy
A slug breeding farm has been raided! A lot of these little animals have
been carefully taken away and saved.

December 5 - Emilia Romagna (Italy)
'ALA' milk lorry has its tyres slashed.

December 10 - Sassuolo (modena)
Local Zoolandia shop is attacked again: front windows smashed with stones"