Received anonymously by activists in the UK:
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"In the early hours of Sunday morning, the ALF, cut through the razor wire surrounding Wickham Labs in Hampshire, and made their way over the fence. A hole was cut into the roof of the animal unit. The security cameras within the unit were put out of action, and the liberators jumped down amongst the cages. The rooms within the animal unit contained nearly 700 mice, all of which were passed back up through the roof, and spirited to freedom.

Documentation taken from the unit showed that these mice were liberated days before they were due to be experimented on. Instead of their last week before Christmas being one of pain, agony and death, for these mice it will be the best yule time ever. All of the animals found within Wickham have been placed in loving homes, where they are free to live out their natural lives free from pain, suffering and neglect.

The documents taken also contained details of hideous experiments for such useless items as Botox, carried out on mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. At the time of the raid the only animals on the premises were mice.

This is not an isolated incident, this is part of the a much wider war for total animal liberation. Until every animal is free we will continue to fight, whether it be Wickham, HLS, Cambridge University or anywhere else. This is a warning to you all!"