anonymous reports:

"December 5, in Izhevsk two locks on the entrances of the fur shop were
filled with glue with the help of syringe, and the key holes were
plastered over with the cold welding. Two big billboards were slashed,
walls and sign - pelted with paint bombs.

November 27, in Sochi at the billboard of the fur shop 'The furs of
Scandinavia' a slogan 'Fur = murder!' was painted. The same inscriptions
appeares near the fur shops in the centre of the city.

November 26, in Petrozavodsk two fur shops were attacked with the paint
bombs. On the walls of the shops spray painted inscriptions appeared:
'Killers!', 'Fur is murder!', 'Give up wearing fur!'. Similar slogans were
painted on the walls of buildings on the center of the city."