anonymous communique:

"In the night from sunday 9 - monday 10 december 2007, we released all mink from an illegal mink farm. The building was not ventilated. We opened all cages and destroyed a lot of breeding cards. We think there were about 400 mink; the official numbers say that there were 200. We don't believe this. The mink didn't look healthy and were crawling in their own shit.

This is a warning for the so called 'owner' of this illegal mink farm at the sterapplelaan 21 in Zeewolde. Stop killing innocent animals; you don't know with who you are dealing with. The A.L.F! We are not terrorists, but freedom fighters. The terrorists are the people who are killing, something we will never do! All your camera's couldn't stop us from doing what we did (enjoy the pictues... ). Give the animals the freedom they should have. Stay in your apple trade, but keep away from animals, you have no right to decide their lives. The harder you try to build a mink farm the harder we will fight to get them out! Also we know that mink can make it in nature, most will survive and live as they should. If not; they will die in your farm anyway. Better one day of natural, healthy living than live longer in captivity, in hell.

It's time for A.L.F to evolve. People can tell ugly lies about us; we know better. We are the ones who stand for freedom, we are the good guys.
Thanks for the music, it didn't scare us!

To be continued - The A.pple L.iberation F.ront - part one."