anonymous communique:

"In a series of coordinated actions on the 10th December by the ARM 49
bottles of Lucozade Energy have been contaminated with sodium
hydroxide and replaced onto shop shelves in the North of England,
London, and Northern Ireland. The affected flavours are Original,
Orange, Apple, and Lemon of the sizes 500ml and 1l.

Jean-Pierre Garnier the choice is yours, either you cut your
companies ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences or these actions will
continue. We've been watching GlaxoSmithKline closely and we know
what you're up to, Novartis paid the price when we hit its products a
couple of months ago the question is how higher a price are you
willing to pay? As you can rest assured we will be back.

This action is dedicated to the 500 animal who die at the hands HLS
workers every day.

~Animal Rights Militia~"