received anonymously:

"Not too long ago we visited two Oxford Uni suppliers.
1) Tony Eldridge Scaffolding, Bell Lane,Cassington, Whitney, OX29 4DS. Tel 01865882050
2) The Oxford Tiling Co. based at 12 the moorlands, Kiddlington, OX5 2XX. Tel 01865372 011 and 07793444968

Whilst at Tonys all we could do was a little painting due to shitty circumstances but when we visited The Oxford Tiling Co. we found their van in the lovely quiet street. Tyres were popped and back doors painted, windows also painted

We will stop businesses dealing with the Uni, the only question is how much money they decided to lose themselves first!

Oxford Uni-You can't possibly win this. You may have nearly finished building work but how long do you think you can afford to keep the lab open? We will never stop so get used to being the new HLS and have a shite xmas (don't wori we will see to that)

Let it begin - ALF"