received anonymously:

"Sorry, I'm late but, I'm behind the liberations in Denmark the two mink farms [link, link] and the hen/pig farm [link] in Ølgod and Strellev. I've liberated around 300-400 minks in Strellev and i've spray painted 'Stop the suffering' and many other slogans such as ARF and destroyed some of the outer wall so the minks could have a chance to escape. Date 13-7-14. In Horne i've liberated about 1000-1500 minks and destroyed the stone wall surrounding the mink farm several times, and i've spray painted the wall with the ARF logo it means Animal Resistance Fighters, nothing big it's just what we are. I could only give the minks freedom, but unfortunately most of them were taken back by the mink-farmers and killed! The mink farms were just sad and disgusing, i've found mink with no ears and wounds! Date 22-07-14. The hen/pig farm i've freed around 1000 hens the hens lived in horrible conditions and looked scared for life! And freed about 20-27 pigs, i couldn't find a home for them so i gave them freedom, they really just ran out of the building like it was a death prison (which it is). I've destroyed one computer and smashed windows, spray painted the walls 'This is injustice' and again the logo ARF and destroyed the pens they had the hens in. The front entrance sign says ARF. Date 01-08-14. We are all equal no matter what, we all deserve freedom! Go Animal Liberation Front! GO VEGAN!"