reported on Earth First! Action Reports:

"In the early hours of Sunday 29th November a group of autonomous activists caused embarrassment to Lord Home, exposing his role in the proposed development of Mainshill Woods into an open cast coal mine. This action was taken by a group of autonomous people in solidarity with all those who oppose the development of Mainshill Wood into an open cast coal mine.

Lord Home was entertaining friends at his country mansion, almost certainly before a day of grouse shooting. In the dead of night, the activists deflated tyres on all of the posh cars outside the house, put superglue on the windscreens and left a sign on Home's lawn saying 'No Open Cast'. The car presumed to belong to Home's housekeeper was left untouched.

Actions such as these are not mindless acts of vandalism but designed to embarass Lord Home into having to explain his blind pursuit of profit and neglect of community interest to his cronies. As well as drawing attention to the fight to stop the open casting of Mainshill, the action may conveniently also have put some of Home's mateys off going grouse shooting again."