anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video from the action):

"Two individuals saved.

And several million still captive of the speciesist system.

Even if for these two persons there, everything is changed.

This oppressive system was not impacted by it.

Speciesist, capitalist, oligarchical, sexist, homophobic, racist, proslavery, pollutant, and plenty other adjectives that should make us leave our passive collaboration, to engage direct confrontation with the representatives who makes it go on...

This system which legalizes the fact of appropriating the bodies of others, using them for profits, and assassinating them to market their death and their lifeless bodies. And this, without any vital need for anyone.

This system which legalizes the fact of exploiting people who will exploit others in their turn. This system which values the creation of wealth more than individuals' health and wellness.

This system which comprises more systemic oppressions than situations of equity.

Hoping to take down the oppressive privileges from those who benefit from this system, while collaborating with them, is, in our opinion, an huge strategic mistake.

The actions of public awareness campaigns have a meaning only if we give them the means to take action and to take part in the fight.

We're not talking about allowing them to vote, or to consume in a more ethical way.

We're talking about giving them means of putting a branch in the wheels of this infernal machine.

To train them to act directly on the places of oppression and against the institutions which encourage them.

As citizens, in a self-managed and independent way.

To teach them direct actions, sabotage, rescues, to end the perpetual waiting that a representative would come and seize our requests and make them apply for us.

We are more numerous than those who benefit from the oppression.

We have the power to set up a power struggle which will impose them to stop any unfair situation.

Because there is no morally acceptable way to take part in a systemic oppression: we do not fight for an improvement of the living conditions of the victims.

We fight for the complete and non-negotiable stop of all these oppressions, and we'll never yield on anything but this commitment... because it's possible!

We are Anonymous, and not related to any organisation in particular.

We are Animalists.
Join the fight."