anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal:

"Between the night of the 25th August and the 26th, after the Geneva March for the End of Speciesism that took place in numerous cities around the globe, some radical activists decided to take action against the slaughterhouse of Perly that murders 8,000 chickens every week. We destroyed the furnitures: the killing chain, all of the computers, smashed a car windows, intoxicated the entire stock of « fresh meat », made a mess of all the storage items and wrote « You took the lives of sentient beings : you will not make profit out of them because of us. » on the wall.
We believe non human animals are not consumption goods and shouldn't be treated as profitable resources in any way. Their lives cannot be valued in money and we have to rapidly turn our anger into reality. THEY NEED OUR SOLIDARITY AGAINST SPECIESIST INDUSTRIES. SHAME AND FEAR MUST CHANGE CAMP"